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Certain moments in time

Certain days are just too bad to be put down in writing Certain moments deserves to be forgotten forever Even if the sun is shining life can be hell as we all know I am sorry for my own inability

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The lost time

I am trying to get my mind together All the lack of Reciprocity The one way communication limits the meaning of any communication Just listening to your words made me realize that all what I say lacks meaning But still I

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Setting the time

The morning has long past I am now living in the future, It sounds like a bad movie, but everything is the same Just different characters in the roles And I am in the place that I always feared Lonely, without real

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Suddenly I am back The sun is shining And I realize I am short of time So much have to be done Or not Maybe I am doing the wrong Thing But it does not matter Because any action Is

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The Mirror

Time stirs back in the mirror It went fast, it had to leave But surprisingly I am still here and still alive With my nightmares With my bad sleep With my shame With my patterns of repetion But that is OK

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The rises in the west And settles in the east The sky is down And the ground is up Everything is order Just a little bit wrong This morning

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Time is a quick thing Running inside us Fast track Pain determines Speed  

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