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Suddenly I am back The sun is shining And I realize I am short of time So much have to be done Or not Maybe I am doing the wrong Thing But it does not matter Because any action Is

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The Mirror

Time stirs back in the mirror It went fast, it had to leave But surprisingly I am still here and still alive With my nightmares With my bad sleep With my shame With my patterns of repetion But that is OK

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The rises in the west And settles in the east The sky is down And the ground is up Everything is order Just a little bit wrong This morning

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Time is a quick thing Running inside us Fast track Pain determines Speed  

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At this very moment

es I am feeling bad very bad but this is hard for me I cannot solve your anxieties Your lost years   All the time you spent online and all the time you spent offline This is now all gone only

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Out of control is the timemy body speaks to meit says You are not a boyYour son is boySleep old man

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Trial and Error

Give me some hope That things will changeI know it is to lateI know there are no hopeJust a lot of time to wasteBut still even after all thisYears it is clear thatLife can be lived inMany ways

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