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Now it starts all over again The spring is short In this part of the world A sudden change A little less snow At night the winter Returns, killing Most of the greenery Every year What have learn From all our

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Meeting the pain Seeing my failed Inner self I am trying to hide Hide from shame My shame is hard to carry I lost my self I lost my soul And now I am climbing Out of that hole Acceptens

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The night passes quickly Breathing slowly Trying to grasp Who I am Not getting any Answer

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All these years in silence When I hide away Did not do anything Stayed out of everything And yet, the urge is so strong Like the river in the spring It takes you to the ocean And there you are

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I fly with my torned wings Underground Into the high-tech tunnel Other birds collide Flying into the walls Dying screaming But I keep on The tunnel gets smaller It is going deeper We are quiet Each one Into his own

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Time is a quick thing Running inside us Fast track Pain determines Speed  

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In some way an altered vision is what I look for To be able to see Beyond what is said Beyond what is being done To meet in the void Between blind people Looking for a quick fix

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