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I am a fool Trapped under years of expectation Years of waiting, years of reading Naked I stand in front of you While the cold breeze of the night Defines my body Advertisements

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You write better with time They say That might be true But I just Get more Confused Over time

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Change and feeling of void I am here and I am not here I changed and I am the same No windows only frames

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At last The stakes were always high I had a short momentum Lost it Regain it Lost it again Time passed and I am still here Not ceasing to exist Never, ever Until the end

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Cover me

The night creates a black velvet cover around my battered mind I am really lost Going into overdrive In horror of being What I am And what I am not Ever and ever I keep on fighting With my mind,

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Subway mists

And here I am again An angry man yelling In the street Bothering everyone Passing time by acting Crazy, dirty and wretched Scaring children, women and some men Disturbing the so tranquil balance Between the conditions of being a town

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Lost at sea On Sunday The sun shines But this does not save us We are still lost Even though the captain Know where we are going Not needing the stars For navigation But wise advise

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