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No Way

No energy, no will It is Monday again No lust, no passion No work, No sun No time, no pain No gain, No way At least something Advertisements

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The Heart of the City

Outside is cold but in the heart of the city. Deep down in an ancient cellar Being  alive is sometimes a very good thing At least in the company of good friends And likeminded people with a passion for a

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Where are the roads to be taken? There are different¬†answers But which they are I do not know Fear is effective and useful For those who want to control Other people’s mind But why all that control?

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New Stories

Silence and noise Mixing together Learning untold stories From the source The fertile ground Off grid, based on The stories being Told to me      

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Life is passion But not here We are rational People Going to work every day Even if we are not getting payed So this is the wrong place for me I miss my crazy Balkan  

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Late at night

Feeling lost in the night The silence and the inability In the same time is esoteric I am not alone in the universe And memories from the past Many hundred years ago comes by To say hello All those lost

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The New Day

New day and continuum of the same problem I am desperate to solve this problem And thereby creating more problem For my self To fight requires courage and fantasy Nothing is given Everything is taken I want to change things

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