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Instead of dying I went to the dentist What a horror what a terror That was terrible I survived But it feels like I have been In a fight Her hands are so nice Advertisements

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Monday too

Writing to find peace of mind Only finding anxiety and pain I did what I had to do Or not I do not know Just feeling frustration of existing In the wrong place and time

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And so

Life is pain Just pure pain and suffering But not always There is something in between Sometimes

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Failure and logic

Every time I fail I feel the pain Unable to change Unable to move Paralysis Trying to meditate But I do not find any peace of mind I feel more and more frustrated Will this be the rest of my

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Trying to find some hope While the baby is screaming And her mother is gone I cannot do much Just ease the pain A little bit

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Sleepless night

The sleepless nights in front of me Is truly painful Not what I expected Moving around aimlessly In the house Trying to build a story Feel a glimpse of meaning In my life But the stars are distant Tonight

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My Family

They will tell you that you are sick Aggressive, crazy not to be trusted They send you to the doctor The family making their projection on the boy Something is wrong with him And the world out there is so

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