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I hate Saturdays That meaningless day Just sleep and quarrel with my love That I hate No hope just a day that needs to pass As quickly as possible and everyone is depressed In the family Outside in the real

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Black mold

I don´t see any meaning To live with you is like being beaten verbally every day of the year You made my life hell And still you stay with me I have to end this now Now I been saying

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Cold and naked in the rain All these people watching Our shame, our frustration The spectator are not the hero of the day A perverted form of entertainment to see Other people being humiliated I do not want to be that

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Slow moving, slow thinking Just breathe in and out Trying to stay and let The mind go I have no answer I have to accept That I have no answer Empty outside Empty inside And a numb Pain

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The Mirror

Time stirs back in the mirror It went fast, it had to leave But surprisingly I am still here and still alive With my nightmares With my bad sleep With my shame With my patterns of repetion But that is OK

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Lost in space

The pain is following me I do not fear the pain I am so used to it I do not know why I am lost Lost in the past Lost in the present Lost in the future Leaving it all

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Meeting the pain Seeing my failed Inner self I am trying to hide Hide from shame My shame is hard to carry I lost my self I lost my soul And now I am climbing Out of that hole Acceptens

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