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Monday too

Writing to find peace of mind Only finding anxiety and pain I did what I had to do Or not I do not know Just feeling frustration of existing In the wrong place and time Advertisements

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Mind, soul and body

Quiet night, the reality is far away I do not need to engage in anything Create and listen, write, think Ensemble myself together again I am a little bit more me now And it is ok Soon I will lose

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Failure and logic

Every time I fail I feel the pain Unable to change Unable to move Paralysis Trying to meditate But I do not find any peace of mind I feel more and more frustrated Will this be the rest of my

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Afternoon tea with my therapist

Drinking black tea while Trapped in my own history, Fantasies running wild Going back, All meaningless waste of time I did not matter it had to happen, he says

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Writing silent stories about life Observing, watching Never taking part All that time All those years Feeling Losing control Fighting back

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In the end every place has it´s secret No one answers to anyone else Because no one is asking The question There are no interest in knowing Only the observant outsider listens

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White light

Burning far, far away from Burning man It is cold here, the snow is still here I do not expect any summer soon But the light has returned Changing the perception of land and water

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