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I am a lonely man And possible a loony As well Here I am in my room By myself Enjoying the solitude And lack of humans I need people, I need friends I just can´t stand them Guess that is

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Da capo every year

Time moves quickly On a Sundays A lot of things To be done A lot of family To interact with Family diners And the annual Easter torture week Every year the man Dies on a Friday And is reborn on

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Time to leave

It is time to leave I had so much I lost so much And it does not matter Time to seek out New horizons New ways of doing things New places Even if I remain the same It will be

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Tomorrow night

I need the courage I don´t have My limbs are numb And my mind all sleepy Still… Tomorrow will be The great day I walk out the door Into the great void Into the shimmering night The night is full

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I live here In the middle of the snow That keeps on falling In the solitude My thoughts are running Around me Like scared Crows

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To die

When I  dieyou might cryI does not matter whyI die I will still be herein your head andin your wains So life let me freeand I can leaveto be rebornin another timethat will not be mebut still someone to meet and see

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The shell were left on the beachempty and opened We all stood and watchas they diedThe strong fighters, soldiersour enemies and brothers, sistersSome were happyothers showed grief but the processis ignorant of those detailsA human life is so shortand of no value

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