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Bad Wine

On Sundays I stay quiet Drinking bad red wine Instead of writing Advertisements

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Living in a strange world I am a stranger here And I Have to deal with other strangers Every day and when I leave I will come to an even stranger place Than here

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The City District

Moving through the city at lunchtime The people are filling the streets Making confrontation inevitable The city district is running wild With new shops and a lot of money Greedy, naive, conventional marketing Screams at us And thats nice for an

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Life is passion But not here We are rational People Going to work every day Even if we are not getting payed So this is the wrong place for me I miss my crazy Balkan  

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Late at night

Feeling lost in the night The silence and the inability In the same time is esoteric I am not alone in the universe And memories from the past Many hundred years ago comes by To say hello All those lost

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Being confused and lost

The city present itself with all its doubtful glory But when you look closely things turn out differently This is the way things are They are not what you think More like a mixed cocktail The winter keeps the smell

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And so

Life is pain Just pure pain and suffering But not always There is something in between Sometimes

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