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Running in Circles

Quickly running away Finding new ways to survive I wish that someday That life should not only Include trying to heal wounds But to live a good life To have friends To make love To live in the wild nature To

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War in the mind

Sometimes life is just miserable I am a prisoner of my own comfort There is no excuse Soon I will be gone And it will be ok Life is not worth that much Just a spark in the pan Then

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Soup of life

Life is so hacked up Small fragments here and there I think someone made a soup of my life

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The Bitter End

The bitter end is as good as a sweet end And Just this very place is where it should be Listening to less wise men on how life Should be

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The plants are growing Fast and furious Trying to kill old roots That once were healthy and strong But only time will Tell us who, if anyone won The metamorphosis is quick and Painful often killing its host The only things

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Da capo every year

Time moves quickly On a Sundays A lot of things To be done A lot of family To interact with Family diners And the annual Easter torture week Every year the man Dies on a Friday And is reborn on

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A game of chess

So the day goes while Fighting my own shadow To no avail Life is a lonely chessboard Playing against myself Still losing again and again

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