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The Cold Day

The cold day gives no mercy Freezing inside and out On the brink off starting Something new I am not just ready Advertisements

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And so

Life is pain Just pure pain and suffering But not always There is something in between Sometimes

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Night Life

The night is a truly quiet time in the city Only the distant sound of the occasional car can be heard. The silence is an opportunity to listen to the stories of other people in distant place. The radio suddenly

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Courage, fortitude is a good virtue Which comes with perseverance and patience An act not for the pie in sky but for the now I am searching in my self for the little courage That are left, somewhere Kudos lives

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Cascading failure

Feeling bad and crazy I manage to repeat My failure today again Frustration and shame Is so hard to carry around I wish that  was Different But time past is time lost Only the long days will ease The pain

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Trying to stay awake Falling asleep all the time Want to sleep for a long time Until I know that there are things to hope for

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Writing silent stories about life Observing, watching Never taking part All that time All those years Feeling Losing control Fighting back

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