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The wall

  Fighting the lonely battle Again and again Why is life so filled With repetition Why can I not change I am trying Again and again Banging my head into the wall

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So while the days move slowly And the sun had it´s way crossing the sky I forgot Like the rest of us Why I live here I did not enjoy The purple morning Or the white daylight Nor did I

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Fighting for my life It is still some time My life slowly bleeding Away in the gutter But Still…. I keep standing and start Running Until the blue morning light is visible again

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This is me That is what I am The pain of thought The pain of memory Feeling that is all out of control Someone else also with a broken faith a broken mind She want me to move as she

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Northern light

Rainy daysBad dayswhy did I returnthis was never my cityIt´s heart is made of stoneall year around is coldthe light in the winter is weakthe light in the summer night is bleakWe the cold people in the northdead before we

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Bad ways

I am the last one Surviving And I do not Have any kin Alone and lonely I stick to my sin And that Is ok I belief I long for Redemption That will Never come I long for release Of

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Trial and Error

Give me some hope That things will changeI know it is to lateI know there are no hopeJust a lot of time to wasteBut still even after all thisYears it is clear thatLife can be lived inMany ways

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