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So while the days move slowly And the sun had it´s way crossing the sky I forgot Like the rest of us Why I live here I did not enjoy The purple morning Or the white daylight Nor did I

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Now they gone cut me in halfand half I will beThis is not the ultimate optionI will be the half-man half-witted and not much morebut this is the priceI payThe life I never opt forbut were givenby some distant godin a skyor

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We are still hereAfter all this yearFrustratedLonely Naked In the winter In the summerautumn and springThey play theirGameAnd I nowan old manWithout any possessions are thrown around like a smallpiece of paper in the wind The gods are lookingthe other way andthe outcome is

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Fear me the mostBecause I am the worst of menThat God ever createdI am worstBecause I answerTo your desireBecause I knowWhat eternity looks likeAnd I am ready toFill you upWith willful desiresThat eventuallyWill finish you off

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My apologies

I do not feel home in this world. I have because of all anxiety and stress I carry around not been able to create a life where I have a sustainable income.  So I write this text because yesterday I

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This is itwe are filledand filedRunning along well defined linesOfEngagement How things should be But inside the chaos Regain its momentumAnd above God looks downon us smiling slyly

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Augustin in Chicago

I came to Chicago filled with shameful desires A crossroad became mydestiny Without any expectations I waited for the daywhen my head wouldcrack open and leave its dirty load to Godor any other creaturesout thereunfortunately this didnot happenI am still waitingafter all these yearsfor something

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