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Some days are harder then other Filled with fights and frustration Angry faces and things done in the past People get stiff at those moments Afraid of causing further strife This is a mistake No one will live well without

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I am a lonely man And possible a loony As well Here I am in my room By myself Enjoying the solitude And lack of humans I need people, I need friends I just can´t stand them Guess that is

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Doing things differently Sun in the east Moon in the west The day in front of me The night left early And I face another day Meeting the future In my mind The steps set the purpose and aim of

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The night

In the middle of nowhere Here I am Trying to put myself Together again Silence And I am acting To find a better Me somewhere

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This day so filled with heavy burdens And frustration I tried to climb out of the pit I am in I feel so much pain My children are denied their love And I am stuck in put together a protokoll

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I have hard to stand on my feet The ground shakes I try to focus And she is talking about the neighbours their plans and projects I threw up in the zink She doesn’t notice Complaining eternally About me not

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On Suicide

When I finallytake my acttogether and finallydecide to kill my selfa lot of peoplewill rejoicethey will feelhappywe finally madethat strange and awkward man diewe finally will be more normal My family will sayhe were a difficult personalitya piece of work that could not and maybe should

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