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Monday too

Writing to find peace of mind Only finding anxiety and pain I did what I had to do Or not I do not know Just feeling frustration of existing In the wrong place and time Advertisements

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Where are the roads to be taken? There are different answers But which they are I do not know Fear is effective and useful For those who want to control Other people’s mind But why all that control?

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Freezing and getting warm at the same time Every fiber in my body wants to rest but I have to stay on my post Continue to write until the end But why? I do not know any more There is

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Our fear

The fear lives inside us We carry it with us like a handbag Sometimes it is strong like a gigantic man Other times it is just nagging us But we can never walk away Quick as a snake when called

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Growing up

I grow up fearing everyone My father did see my mother and her family inside me Sometimes beating me, sometimes telling how wrong and clumsy I was My mother hated all male on earth My grandmother thought everyone around her

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Why is my life so filled with struggles? What did I do wrong? Who and why and when and what The answers does not matter Only the fact on the ground And watching the plants grow  

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Freezing in the sun Finally the spring is here But the mind and heart still lives in the winter It feels like the road is leading me the wrong way But all roads in life eventually has the same end

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