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Failure and logic

Every time I fail I feel the pain Unable to change Unable to move Paralysis Trying to meditate But I do not find any peace of mind I feel more and more frustrated Will this be the rest of my

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When walking alone in the great city I sometimes meet Kavafy, Well dressed and wise He tells me ancient truths from the library You would have failed anywhere in the world He tells me while smoking papyrus In the moonlight

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Cascading transcendence

When I was young I wanted to be strong and without fear Fly all over the world with my wings Instead I lost it all Failed again and again In my shame and grief I hide in my cell But the wound was

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Revolution Returns Reactionary

Today 43 years ago in another country A revolution took place The young had gotten tired of war Tired of the old rule and wanted something new What  type of new they wanted That was not certain but something different And

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This is an uneven fight I know I can’t win I know this Falling on all levels Failing to make my Life working But it doesn’t matter I have to try Again and again

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No hope

This is the day When I am going To pay for my Deeds I don´t care It does not Matter Anymore I don´t care About your little world The place that is always In perfect order

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Patterns of recognition

Putting myself together Trying to see the pattern Again and Again Repeating and Repeating Things, dreams Fears

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