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The Cold Day

The cold day gives no mercy Freezing inside and out On the brink off starting Something new I am not just ready Advertisements

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New Stories

Silence and noise Mixing together Learning untold stories From the source The fertile ground Off grid, based on The stories being Told to me      

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Late at night

Feeling lost in the night The silence and the inability In the same time is esoteric I am not alone in the universe And memories from the past Many hundred years ago comes by To say hello All those lost

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Backwards and forwards

Playing with my mind What life could have been if only A true illusion Because there is no turning back Life is a one way street Nothing in the past ever change Only our way of perceiving it

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Freezing and getting warm at the same time Every fiber in my body wants to rest but I have to stay on my post Continue to write until the end But why? I do not know any more There is

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Mind, soul and body

Quiet night, the reality is far away I do not need to engage in anything Create and listen, write, think Ensemble myself together again I am a little bit more me now And it is ok Soon I will lose

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I am looking for my friends I seek them here I seek them there I seek them everywhere But they are gone Maybee they did not exist Or lived in a parallel dimension So long time ago I stoped looking

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