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Failure and logic

Every time I fail I feel the pain Unable to change Unable to move Paralysis Trying to meditate But I do not find any peace of mind I feel more and more frustrated Will this be the rest of my

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Cascading transcendence

When I was young I wanted to be strong and without fear Fly all over the world with my wings Instead I lost it all Failed again and again In my shame and grief I hide in my cell But the wound was

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Patterns of recognition

Putting myself together Trying to see the pattern Again and Again Repeating and Repeating Things, dreams Fears

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Cascading failure

The energy builds up I start to do things I do to much The energy is gone I fail again and again Back to the pit I start climb up Again  

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Here I am again After so many Years Like I have not Learned a thing Have not earned Any Wisdom Still I drive into that wall again With stubborn mind Like it is the main purpose of my life Which might

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