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Losing ground

Every time I try I come back To this point The place where I feel lost and helpless. Now I am her again In the suburb All around me ugly buildings No peace of mind only struggle within I do

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Empty as the windHollow and brokenNo messages todayNo one to listento my wordsas they fall to thegroundVibrating universeso full of lifeand still in thisyear I am empty

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Confused In the Evening

I am so low nowthere is nota thing in the worldthat can changethat nowI do not wantto feelI do not wantto beI do not wantto do anything Everything is painand pain is not powerIt is just painYou messed withmy brainand now

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On Suicide

When I finallytake my acttogether and finallydecide to kill my selfa lot of peoplewill rejoicethey will feelhappywe finally madethat strange and awkward man diewe finally will be more normal My family will sayhe were a difficult personalitya piece of work that could not and maybe should

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Endgame, Startgame  My pain in both

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