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Being confused and lost

The city present itself with all its doubtful glory But when you look closely things turn out differently This is the way things are They are not what you think More like a mixed cocktail The winter keeps the smell

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Confused and very tired Trying to fight the sleep Looking out the window And the day is bleak Trying to pull myself together Trying to do the things I don´t like Feeling like i am being fooled But by whom? By

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The Bitter End

The bitter end is as good as a sweet end And Just this very place is where it should be Listening to less wise men on how life Should be

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I am so tired Tired to the bone The mind is aching For something To put it´s energy at I lost the inner presence Of a meaning Looking in the dark With a lot of questions Who am I What do

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Eulogy to Wasted Years

I do not see the meaning of fighting anymore. Why did I waste all this time For something So crazy No Now It is all To late to Change my life And I do not want To do it all

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Losing ground

Every time I try I come back To this point The place where I feel lost and helpless. Now I am her again In the suburb All around me ugly buildings No peace of mind only struggle within I do

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Empty as the windHollow and brokenNo messages todayNo one to listento my wordsas they fall to thegroundVibrating universeso full of lifeand still in thisyear I am empty

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