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Words of Scientific Language

Here I am with my self again Trying to write The word of science and illusion Nothing is good enough Nothing is good anymore But I keep on trying Through the night   Advertisements

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Monday too

Writing to find peace of mind Only finding anxiety and pain I did what I had to do Or not I do not know Just feeling frustration of existing In the wrong place and time

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Good Habits

Getting crazy Or not Anything is better than being  blocked This is so frustrating Trying to get rid of anxiety And it comes back worse than before Habits or not This is so strong

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This day so filled with heavy burdens And frustration I tried to climb out of the pit I am in I feel so much pain My children are denied their love And I am stuck in put together a protokoll

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agony is a terrible thing It tears you apart piece by piece You are out there Lonely and filled with self-doubt All your life feels Wasted All your actions In vain

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Past present

It is all over now It is all over me now the pain, the memories the fear of tomorrow There are no lights in the attic on the other side of the street anymore I miss my freedom I feel

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This is me That is what I am The pain of thought The pain of memory Feeling that is all out of control Someone else also with a broken faith a broken mind She want me to move as she

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