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Always going on and on I cannot change anything Just floating In that river   Advertisements

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This day so filled with heavy burdens And frustration I tried to climb out of the pit I am in I feel so much pain My children are denied their love And I am stuck in put together a protokoll

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Cascading failure

The energy builds up I start to do things I do to much The energy is gone I fail again and again Back to the pit I start climb up Again  

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Something went wrong Very wrong A man went to prison For a very long time And here we are again Not admitting anything The others are to blame Not explaining what went wrong NotĀ admitting any faults It is always the

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I fly with my torned wings Underground Into the high-tech tunnel Other birds collide Flying into the walls Dying screaming But I keep on The tunnel gets smaller It is going deeper We are quiet Each one Into his own

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So while the days move slowly And the sun had itĀ“s way crossing the sky I forgot Like the rest of us Why I live here I did not enjoy The purple morning Or the white daylight Nor did I

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Why do I fight?

I fight even though I do not know If there is any meaning Lonely and lost In foreign land I hide Only to discover That the enemy Sees me But not my friends

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