Time is a quick thing
Running inside us
Fast track
Pain determines


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Journeys of the night

We travel in the night
When our bodies
Are still,
Our mind
Swimming in the
Sea of mindlessness

Meeting soulmates
That will never materialise
In our daily lives
We are together again for
A short time talking
In codes
Our bodies will never

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In some way an altered vision is what I look for
To be able to see
Beyond what is said
Beyond what is being done
To meet in the void
Between blind people
Looking for a quick fix

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The wall


Fighting the lonely battle

Again and again

Why is life so filled

With repetition

Why can I not change

I am trying

Again and again

Banging my head into the wall

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Hiding away from other people
In a place with a lot of people
I am shy
I am ashamed
I failed

Trying to cope
Waiting for wounds to heal
Aroused by the feeling
Of shame and anxiety
I create new things

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And suddenly the day begun

I woke up  confused

Remembering the promise

I gave yesterday

Deep roots coming to life

In the early spring rain.

In the darkness I found

you waiting for me with open arms

and it took a while

To retrieve the lost time but when our

LI’m s joined we disintegrated for a short

Momens and life took a different turn

Claiming space on the hostile land





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The night falls

Slowly this time of year

Mixing memory and the cold

Deep blue sky

Fragments floating

Through my mind

Accepting the repeating

Pattern and even enjoying it

Like the waves on the sea

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