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I fight an uneven battle I know that I will never Win Life is short Soon it will be gone Leaving the wind Behind me on my Battlefields Summer surprised us Left us all dusty and thirsty for more Victories

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Out in the open

Deep down in the mud There isĀ a slumbering universe Things to come and old memories Lays buried here TheĀ landscape open fields telling us about Ancient and long forgotten battles Under the snow new life is growing Communicating stories For those

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Black Sunday night

The train moves slowly throughout the night I did not expect to meet you again Empty spaces around us reminds about What once could have been I left you in rage But now we meet again Randomly When we are

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At night

Fire and Ice We hide inside the basement Watching the destruction From safe distance While the dark sky looms over us The ground is again frozen And the water has turned to ice And the city is very silent Waiting

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Inside the night I did feel safe The darkness Covering My weaknesses My shortcomings My worthless mind Sometimes comes to rest a night Hiding in dreams less meaning My body remains me I am alive Still willing to live Even

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