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War in the mind

Sometimes life is just miserable I am a prisoner of my own comfort There is no excuse Soon I will be gone And it will be ok Life is not worth that much Just a spark in the pan Then

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Confused and very tired Trying to fight the sleep Looking out the window And the day is bleak Trying to pull myself together Trying to do the things I don´t like Feeling like i am being fooled But by whom? By

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The battlefield

The mountains are empty Almost 100 years after Only the ruins and Memories remains Here more than 2000 meter so many young boys died The rain and wind has taken it´s share As well as the snow and the thunder Still

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The young old man

Fear is not a way to live Peace without freedom Is not peace but pacification The man told me But his land is lost Stolen by his neighbour And here he is Far away smoking His cheap cigaretts In the

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Long, long time ago

Long time ago I went to a war Long, long time ago To the valley of death I went Long, long time ago The people where full of fear I was just one lonely traveller What could I do? Long, long

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