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At last The stakes were always high I had a short momentum Lost it Regain it Lost it again Time passed and I am still here Not ceasing to exist Never, ever Until the end Advertisements

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I fight an uneven battle I know that I will never Win Life is short Soon it will be gone Leaving the wind Behind me on my Battlefields Summer surprised us Left us all dusty and thirsty for more Victories

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Our fear

The fear lives inside us We carry it with us like a handbag Sometimes it is strong like a gigantic man Other times it is just nagging us But we can never walk away Quick as a snake when called

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Out in the open

Deep down in the mud There is a slumbering universe Things to come and old memories Lays buried here The landscape open fields telling us about Ancient and long forgotten battles Under the snow new life is growing Communicating stories For those

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Wednesday morning

The street had the usual colors, gray, black tarmac and dirty brown plaster. The usual copy and paste buildings from the drawing board of long dead architects in art noveau  style. The strait pompous street was oversized made for parades,

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Revolution Returns Reactionary

Today 43 years ago in another country A revolution took place The young had gotten tired of war Tired of the old rule and wanted something new What  type of new they wanted That was not certain but something different And

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The Lost Kingdom

Once upon a time I had my own kingdom I ruled everything, build houses, bridges and railways The king made alliances and held festivities Most often the other animals and people in The kingdom were happy Then one day my

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