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Cascading transcendence

When I was young I wanted to be strong and without fear Fly all over the world with my wings Instead I lost it all Failed again and again In my shame and grief I hide in my cell But the wound was

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Black mold

I don´t see any meaning To live with you is like being beaten verbally every day of the year You made my life hell And still you stay with me I have to end this now Now I been saying

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Bad math

This is the heavy moment All this blame All this critical comments Whatever you do is wrong Shame on you Everything will go wrong No I am not depressed Just blaming you of everything this very evening You do not

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Questions not answered

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Past present

It is all over now It is all over me now the pain, the memories the fear of tomorrow There are no lights in the attic on the other side of the street anymore I miss my freedom I feel

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I am blocked I cannot deal with this anymore Year after year the same problem and the same inability to do anything about it Deep in my heart there are so much pain I do not know why anymore never

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Now they gone cut me in halfand half I will beThis is not the ultimate optionI will be the half-man half-witted and not much morebut this is the priceI payThe life I never opt forbut were givenby some distant godin a skyor

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