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You write better with time They say That might be true But I just Get more Confused Over time Advertisements

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At last The stakes were always high I had a short momentum Lost it Regain it Lost it again Time passed and I am still here Not ceasing to exist Never, ever Until the end

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Certain moments in time

Certain days are just too bad to be put down in writing Certain moments deserves to be forgotten forever Even if the sun is shining life can be hell as we all know I am sorry for my own inability

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Setting the time

The morning has long past I am now living in the future, It sounds like a bad movie, but everything is the same Just different characters in the roles And I am in the place that I always feared Lonely, without real

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Out in the open

Deep down in the mud There is a slumbering universe Things to come and old memories Lays buried here The landscape open fields telling us about Ancient and long forgotten battles Under the snow new life is growing Communicating stories For those

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Writing silent stories about life Observing, watching Never taking part All that time All those years Feeling Losing control Fighting back

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The odd boy

I feel your pain Through the centuries I could have been me The naked child left on balcony Left to die Forgotten but remembered Still with me In my dreams At night

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