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The Cold Day

The cold day gives no mercy Freezing inside and out On the brink off starting Something new I am not just ready Advertisements

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The city is filled with people trying to sell you things, lifestyle, coke or their own life story (true or fake) The crazy art of selling nothing for something to someone. I try to avoid this place since I am

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Spring depression

Every spring is the same feeling Depression, depression and frustration It always comes in April Feeling like a failure and frustrated like crazy I am on the same place every year Trying to cope and handle Fight not to kill myself

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The winter that kept us warm is gone And with the return of life every memory of what life could be floats up to the surface Like corpses being hidden under the ice they stink of aspiration and ambitions, memes

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Rare flowers of dawn

The sun is still here. Under the surface of the earth I collect energy by alienation Running through the woods Screaming  

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White light

Burning far, far away from Burning man It is cold here, the snow is still here I do not expect any summer soon But the light has returned Changing the perception of land and water

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Revolution Returns Reactionary

Today 43 years ago in another country A revolution took place The young had gotten tired of war Tired of the old rule and wanted something new What  type of new they wanted That was not certain but something different And

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