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Ambivalence at nine

Driving aimlessly around the city Trying to forget what happened Earlier this afternoon I am so tired of surviving I want something more out of my life I want to have courage and take action Running away is no solution

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The plants are growing Fast and furious Trying to kill old roots That once were healthy and strong But only time will Tell us who, if anyone won The metamorphosis is quickĀ and Painful often killing its host The only things

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April fouls

Slow changes In this cruel April The ground is still Cold and frozen The light has turned And once again The white nights Return to this frozen land From the darkness To the light The natur prepares For another extreme

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All the people

The very public The audience The listener The critics The reader The actor The judge The auditor The editor And the devil herself They are all there!!! I better stay away In my pleasant Obscurity

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Postum Scriptum

In that late evening the boat came Bringing lovers, families and friends Together again The mosquitos had their feast on fresh blood and some new traces of the city Alone I awaited the miracle to happen Staying while the others

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This day so filled with heavy burdens And frustration I tried to climb out of the pit I am in I feel so much pain My children are denied their love And I am stuck in put together a protokoll

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Cascading failure

The energy builds up I start to do things I do to much The energy is gone I fail again and again Back to the pit I start climb up Again  

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