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Certain moments in time

Certain days are just too bad to be put down in writing Certain moments deserves to be forgotten forever Even if the sun is shining life can be hell as we all know I am sorry for my own inability

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Cascading failure

Feeling bad and crazy I manage to repeat My failure today again Frustration and shame Is so hard to carry around I wish that  was Different But time past is time lost Only the long days will ease The pain

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In the End

Of course in the end it all comes down to money and property and she got it all By moving swiftly and decisively Humiliating and hurting Everyone in her way Only the water remained Untouched as by accident

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The odd boy

I feel your pain Through the centuries I could have been me The naked child left on balcony Left to die Forgotten but remembered Still with me In my dreams At night

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Cascading transcendence

When I was young I wanted to be strong and without fear Fly all over the world with my wings Instead I lost it all Failed again and again In my shame and grief I hide in my cell But the wound was

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Cold and naked in the rain All these people watching Our shame, our frustration The spectator are not the hero of the day A perverted form of entertainment to see Other people being humiliated I do not want to be that

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Postum Scriptum

In that late evening the boat came Bringing lovers, families and friends Together again The mosquitos had their feast on fresh blood and some new traces of the city Alone I awaited the miracle to happen Staying while the others

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