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Where are the roads to be taken? There are different¬†answers But which they are I do not know Fear is effective and useful For those who want to control Other people’s mind But why all that control? Advertisements

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The hated house

Every day is the same People walking by outside Not taking notice of the hated house The owner want it gone, but the city wants it to stay since it been that way For more than hundred years So they

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What am I ? What do I want ? Where do I go ? All that questions, Questions without meaning or purpose Relevant but irrelevant I now realize that the answer is No one, Nothing, Nowhere

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Listening to the sounds of the house Water flowing through pipes Dinner being made Children playing The murmur of  a YouTube channel I am there and in the same time at a distance Taking part and observing Losing distance depletes

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Sun and a title

I lost all hope Just repeating the history of the past Why continue? Things turn very hard When you realise that you cannot change I do not know why But I spent my life understand why! Outside the sun shines

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Why is my life so filled with struggles? What did I do wrong? Who and why and when and what The answers does not matter Only the fact on the ground And watching the plants grow  

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