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Must escape the hopeless feeling of loss Trying to get my mind together again Late at night, I hide in writing and thinking Slowly

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The Lost Kingdom

Once upon a time I had my own kingdom I ruled everything, build houses, bridges and railways The king made alliances and held festivities Most often the other animals and people in The kingdom were happy Then one day my

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Ambivalence at nine

Driving aimlessly around the city Trying to forget what happened Earlier this afternoon I am so tired of surviving I want something more out of my life I want to have courage and take action Running away is no solution

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Running in Circles

Quickly running away Finding new ways to survive I wish that someday That life should not only Include trying to heal wounds But to live a good life To have friends To make love To live in the wild nature To

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Some days are harder then other Filled with fights and frustration Angry faces and things done in the past People get stiff at those moments Afraid of causing further strife This is a mistake No one will live well without

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War in the mind

Sometimes life is just miserable I am a prisoner of my own comfort There is no excuse Soon I will be gone And it will be ok Life is not worth that much Just a spark in the pan Then

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I hate Saturdays That meaningless day Just sleep and quarrel with my love That I hate No hope just a day that needs to pass As quickly as possible and everyone is depressed In the family Outside in the real

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