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Backwards and forwards

Playing with my mind What life could have been if only A true illusion Because there is no turning back Life is a one way street Nothing in the past ever change Only our way of perceiving it Advertisements

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Spring depression

Every spring is the same feeling Depression, depression and frustration It always comes in April Feeling like a failure and frustrated like crazy I am on the same place every year Trying to cope and handle Fight not to kill myself

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Reaching land

Lost in what must be myself Again repeating the same Feelings and action As so many times before I want to have it my way Just not running around Like a rat in a cage I want to have control

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Setting the time

The morning has long past I am now living in the future, It sounds like a bad movie, but everything is the same Just different characters in the roles And I am in the place that I always feared Lonely, without real

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Cascading failure

Feeling bad and crazy I manage to repeat My failure today again Frustration and shame Is so hard to carry around I wish that  was Different But time past is time lost Only the long days will ease The pain

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Failure and logic

Every time I fail I feel the pain Unable to change Unable to move Paralysis Trying to meditate But I do not find any peace of mind I feel more and more frustrated Will this be the rest of my

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The oracle

Once I went to the oracle for solution Desperate and lonely I had to long searched For answer from every profession on earth Freezing in the cold I waited outside the cave The oracle was fat and small, he had a

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