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Running in Circles

Quickly running away Finding new ways to survive I wish that someday That life should not only Include trying to heal wounds But to live a good life To have friends To make love To live in the wild nature To

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Black mold

I don´t see any meaning To live with you is like being beaten verbally every day of the year You made my life hell And still you stay with me I have to end this now Now I been saying

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Confused and very tired Trying to fight the sleep Looking out the window And the day is bleak Trying to pull myself together Trying to do the things I don´t like Feeling like i am being fooled But by whom? By

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I am so tired Tired to the bone The mind is aching For something To put it´s energy at I lost the inner presence Of a meaning Looking in the dark With a lot of questions Who am I What do

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Patterns of recognition

Putting myself together Trying to see the pattern Again and Again Repeating and Repeating Things, dreams Fears

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Changing patterns by Driving around the outskirts of the city Were the other people live The big roads filled with traffic jams And hoards of cars Finding a spot quiet here Is so important Here on the oldest part of

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Trying to put my self Together I did not choose this life It choosed me  

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