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Treason Makes It Easy

The sad gray evening made things more obvious. I now know that I have been betrayed After I grieved I have to take action Advertisements

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Night Life

The night is a truly quiet time in the city Only the distant sound of the occasional car can be heard. The silence is an opportunity to listen to the stories of other people in distant place. The radio suddenly

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When walking alone in the great city I sometimes meet Kavafy, Well dressed and wise He tells me ancient truths from the library You would have failed anywhere in the world He tells me while smoking papyrus In the moonlight

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I am running through the night The white light in the north guide me Until early morning Fearing every one I meet

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Sleepless night

The sleepless nights in front of me Is truly painful Not what I expected Moving around aimlessly In the house Trying to build a story Feel a glimpse of meaning In my life But the stars are distant Tonight

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At night

I am playing the foul So I can stay cool No mind, mindlessness Is better than mindfulness Eternal stars visit me At night Repeating old stories As long I stay awake

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Journeys into the night

I am out in the night The stars are above me And the cold black ground Under me The silence has reached the city The door to the tower is open

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