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I am a fool Trapped under years of expectation Years of waiting, years of reading Naked I stand in front of you While the cold breeze of the night Defines my body Advertisements

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Cover me

The night creates a black velvet cover around my battered mind I am really lost Going into overdrive In horror of being What I am And what I am not Ever and ever I keep on fighting With my mind,

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The Night

The night is so cold Even the cloud Has abandon us The stars, distant and cold Are not even Watching God is busy Somewhere else I want to give in I want to give up I am cold But I

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Nights in the office

I am feeling lonely and that is OK No one will understand my words My words so empty and void Trying to put the assignment given to me Together Why? I do not know Just writing through the night Dreaming

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Treason Makes It Easy

The sad gray evening made things more obvious. I now know that I have been betrayed After I grieved I have to take action

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Night Life

The night is a truly quiet time in the city Only the distant sound of the occasional car can be heard. The silence is an opportunity to listen to the stories of other people in distant place. The radio suddenly

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When walking alone in the great city I sometimes meet Kavafy, Well dressed and wise He tells me ancient truths from the library You would have failed anywhere in the world He tells me while smoking papyrus In the moonlight

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