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And suddenly the day begun I woke up  confused Remembering the promise I gave yesterday Deep roots coming to life In the early spring rain. In the darkness I found you waiting for me with open arms and it took a while

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I do submit to my  lust And I do submit to Whom I happen To be at This very moment     That is all for tonight folks

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Tomorrow night

I need the courage I don´t have My limbs are numb And my mind all sleepy Still… Tomorrow will be The great day I walk out the door Into the great void Into the shimmering night The night is full

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Questions not answered

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This is me That is what I am The pain of thought The pain of memory Feeling that is all out of control Someone else also with a broken faith a broken mind She want me to move as she

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Eternal outsider

Outside Inside Upside Downside Close your eyes and then… Run, run, run Talk, talk, talk Listen Smile, Smile, Smile Run, run, run Go home Sleep Then forget everything about it  

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Empty as the windHollow and brokenNo messages todayNo one to listento my wordsas they fall to thegroundVibrating universeso full of lifeand still in thisyear I am empty

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