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I do submit to my  lust And I do submit to Whom I happen To be at This very moment     That is all for tonight folks

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Bad math

This is the heavy moment All this blame All this critical comments Whatever you do is wrong Shame on you Everything will go wrong No I am not depressed Just blaming you of everything this very evening You do not

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Change now! Change when? Change what? Change why? Cry to the sky! This is why, I am I !

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Eternal outsider

Outside Inside Upside Downside Close your eyes and then… Run, run, run Talk, talk, talk Listen Smile, Smile, Smile Run, run, run Go home Sleep Then forget everything about it  

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I am blocked I cannot deal with this anymore Year after year the same problem and the same inability to do anything about it Deep in my heart there are so much pain I do not know why anymore never

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The Wind

I want to liveI just do not knowhow to do it anymoreIs there hope?Is there a future?Outsiders of all kindscomes to great mebut the wind the cold wind from the northwill freeze all aspirations of flowering, fruitsb

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How can I liveWhy is lifeso hardIn the darkhourI am workingmy mindThere are nosolutionsOnlymore questions

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