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A moment of peace Silence in the mind Just a tired background Noise inside the head Nothing, mindlessness As after sex Blank   Advertisements

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At night

I am playing the foul So I can stay cool No mind, mindlessness Is better than mindfulness Eternal stars visit me At night Repeating old stories As long I stay awake

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Losing yourself

I did not know that life could be so slow When I was young I did not understand that I was going to make my own nightmares come true I could feel it but I did not listen to myself

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Big Ma

Change and overrule I recommend, do not have any rules You will be ruled anyway but in other ways Freedom is restricted but not in the way you think The answer to your questions are all in the head of

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Confused and very tired Trying to fight the sleep Looking out the window And the day is bleak Trying to pull myself together Trying to do the things I don´t like Feeling like i am being fooled But by whom? By

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I am so tired Tired to the bone The mind is aching For something To put it´s energy at I lost the inner presence Of a meaning Looking in the dark With a lot of questions Who am I What do

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I do submit to my  lust And I do submit to Whom I happen To be at This very moment     That is all for tonight folks

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