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The Cold Day

The cold day gives no mercy Freezing inside and out On the brink off starting Something new I am not just ready Advertisements

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Early in the morning

This is a repetition and How many times have I not Been here Finding myself sleeping on the floor Only to wake up early in the morning Regaining hope and trust in life Without any good reason

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The winter that kept us warm is gone And with the return of life every memory of what life could be floats up to the surface Like corpses being hidden under the ice they stink of aspiration and ambitions, memes

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At night

I am playing the foul So I can stay cool No mind, mindlessness Is better than mindfulness Eternal stars visit me At night Repeating old stories As long I stay awake

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Freezing in the sun Finally the spring is here But the mind and heart still lives in the winter It feels like the road is leading me the wrong way But all roads in life eventually has the same end

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White light

Burning far, far away from Burning man It is cold here, the snow is still here I do not expect any summer soon But the light has returned Changing the perception of land and water

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Big Ma

Change and overrule I recommend, do not have any rules You will be ruled anyway but in other ways Freedom is restricted but not in the way you think The answer to your questions are all in the head of

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