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Early in the morning

ThisĀ is a repetition and How many times have I not Been here Finding myself sleeping on the floor Only to wake up early in the morning Regaining hope and trust in life Without any good reason Advertisements

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Mind, soul and body

Quiet night, the reality is far away I do not need to engage in anything Create and listen, write, think Ensemble myself together again I am a little bit more me now And it is ok Soon I will lose

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Healing means put together and unite what has been broken But all the pieces just keeps on falling apart A dead flower is dead not ever to blom again But how to know what is dead or just very broken

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The trap

Most things are meaningless In the sense that they keep you looked to habits They are not tools for development but for remaining where you are While being looked in my own mind I considered different options And enjoyed my

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Afternoon tea with my therapist

Drinking black tea while Trapped in my own history, Fantasies running wild Going back, All meaningless waste of time I did not matter it had to happen, he says

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Big Ma

Change and overrule I recommend, do not have any rules You will be ruled anyway but in other ways Freedom is restricted but not in the way you think The answer to your questions are all in the head of

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