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Cascading failure

Feeling bad and crazy I manage to repeat My failure today again Frustration and shame Is so hard to carry around I wish that  was Different But time past is time lost Only the long days will ease The pain Advertisements

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Healing means put together and unite what has been broken But all the pieces just keeps on falling apart A dead flower is dead not ever to blom again But how to know what is dead or just very broken

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Losing yourself

I did not know that life could be so slow When I was young I did not understand that I was going to make my own nightmares come true I could feel it but I did not listen to myself

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Cascading transcendence

When I was young I wanted to be strong and without fear Fly all over the world with my wings Instead I lost it all Failed again and again In my shame and grief I hide in my cell But the wound was

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It´s an uneven fight She has the money, friends and grit I have the depression, loneliness and sleepiness So I lose and she wins Good for her Bad for me I realize that I never again will feel free Trying

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The Lost Kingdom

Once upon a time I had my own kingdom I ruled everything, build houses, bridges and railways The king made alliances and held festivities Most often the other animals and people in The kingdom were happy Then one day my

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Confused and very tired Trying to fight the sleep Looking out the window And the day is bleak Trying to pull myself together Trying to do the things I don´t like Feeling like i am being fooled But by whom? By

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