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Instead of dying I went to the dentist What a horror what a terror That was terrible I survived But it feels like I have been In a fight Her hands are so nice Advertisements

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Living in a strange world I am a stranger here And I Have to deal with other strangers Every day and when I leave I will come to an even stranger place Than here

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Life is passion But not here We are rational People Going to work every day Even if we are not getting payed So this is the wrong place for me I miss my crazy Balkan  

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And so

Life is pain Just pure pain and suffering But not always There is something in between Sometimes

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Backwards and forwards

Playing with my mind What life could have been if only A true illusion Because there is no turning back Life is a one way street Nothing in the past ever change Only our way of perceiving it

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The more I write and work The less likely I am to commit suicide But does it change anything? I have no idea I am not vise nor smart I just exist on the terms given to me Some people

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Healing means put together and unite what has been broken But all the pieces just keeps on falling apart A dead flower is dead not ever to blom again But how to know what is dead or just very broken

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