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I came back And it was The same Guilt, anger and frustration But it was not mine Advertisements

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The New Day

New day and continuum of the same problem I am desperate to solve this problem And thereby creating more problem For my self To fight requires courage and fantasy Nothing is given Everything is taken I want to change things

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Visits to the old school of living There is no meaning any more To use the old school They have corrupted Their credibility And again not knowing Not questioning their belief Made them fail And fall

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I was never a fighter in a team Like my son My fight at that time had to do with Bad self confidence and the agony of learning I lost but I never gave in Still trying 35 years later

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The time passed quickly I lost so much, that it did not matter anymore Escaping the problem of my life Was hard and easy but in the end The soul and body could meet and there were a moment of

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Repeating the patterns again and againcreatingpain for everyoneWe are like islands of hopelessnesfrom long time agogoing through generationsi did not knowhow difficult it would beto break the pattern

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Wheel of life

Play with your toyIt´s about create and destroyThe wheel of lifeTakes you upanddownWheel of lifewill destroy your strife Thats the wheel of lifecome and take the fightwith the wheel of lifebefore you get into the light 

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