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My mind is off the grid, Out of the box The morning is gone, but I am Finding something to hold on to Advertisements

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Decaying dysfunctional family Frustration, fighting and mentally ill people We pretend that everything is so normal Slowly she is making a mess of my boy Giving to him the doubtful gift of ambivalence And depleted will There is always a

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Trying to find some hope While the baby is screaming And her mother is gone I cannot do much Just ease the pain A little bit

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Sometimes we fail to realize what´s in  front of us It is only after years have past that we are able to see The crocked and ridicules in being ruled by other peoples Agenda and this not because we lack

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Growing up

I grow up fearing everyone My father did see my mother and her family inside me Sometimes beating me, sometimes telling how wrong and clumsy I was My mother hated all male on earth My grandmother thought everyone around her

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