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Saturday Survival

The Saturday is close to the sad side of life Every reason, bad or good to quarrel is Being used Meeting all that anger, frustration and hate Made me leave “home” Reclaiming the peace of mind among strangers Advertisements

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Spring depression

Every spring is the same feeling Depression, depression and frustration It always comes in April Feeling like a failure and frustrated like crazy I am on the same place every year Trying to cope and handle Fight not to kill myself

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Tired and still blocked Cannot take control And break the spell Keep walking, keep the momentum Maybe things will ease up Maybe not Have to sleep

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The lost time

I am trying to get my mind together All the lack of Reciprocity The one way communication limits the meaning of any communication Just listening to your words made me realize that all what I say lacks meaning But still I

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Trying to stay awake Falling asleep all the time Want to sleep for a long time Until I know that there are things to hope for

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Decaying dysfunctional family Frustration, fighting and mentally ill people We pretend that everything is so normal Slowly she is making a mess of my boy Giving to him the doubtful gift of ambivalence And depleted will There is always a

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The Lost Kingdom

Once upon a time I had my own kingdom I ruled everything, build houses, bridges and railways The king made alliances and held festivities Most often the other animals and people in The kingdom were happy Then one day my

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