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Again and again

So now again I have to start Fighting I am prepare It is ok But so repetitative Advertisements

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The Night

The night is so cold Even the cloud Has abandon us The stars, distant and cold Are not even Watching God is busy Somewhere else I want to give in I want to give up I am cold But I

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The New Day

New day and continuum of the same problem I am desperate to solve this problem And thereby creating more problem For my self To fight requires courage and fantasy Nothing is given Everything is taken I want to change things

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Tired and still blocked Cannot take control And break the spell Keep walking, keep the momentum Maybe things will ease up Maybe not Have to sleep

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The Lost Kingdom

Once upon a time I had my own kingdom I ruled everything, build houses, bridges and railways The king made alliances and held festivities Most often the other animals and people in The kingdom were happy Then one day my

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Some days are harder then other Filled with fights and frustration Angry faces and things done in the past People get stiff at those moments Afraid of causing further strife This is a mistake No one will live well without

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