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Saturday Survival

The Saturday is close to the sad side of life Every reason, bad or good to quarrel is Being used Meeting all that anger, frustration and hate Made me leave “home” Reclaiming the peace of mind among strangers Advertisements

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The lost time

I am trying to get my mind together All the lack of Reciprocity The one way communication limits the meaning of any communication Just listening to your words made me realize that all what I say lacks meaning But still I

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Decaying dysfunctional family Frustration, fighting and mentally ill people We pretend that everything is so normal Slowly she is making a mess of my boy Giving to him the doubtful gift of ambivalence And depleted will There is always a

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Listening to the sounds of the house Water flowing through pipes Dinner being made Children playing The murmur of  a YouTube channel I am there and in the same time at a distance Taking part and observing Losing distance depletes

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The odd boy

I feel your pain Through the centuries I could have been me The naked child left on balcony Left to die Forgotten but remembered Still with me In my dreams At night

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My Family

They will tell you that you are sick Aggressive, crazy not to be trusted They send you to the doctor The family making their projection on the boy Something is wrong with him And the world out there is so

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Growing up

I grow up fearing everyone My father did see my mother and her family inside me Sometimes beating me, sometimes telling how wrong and clumsy I was My mother hated all male on earth My grandmother thought everyone around her

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