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Nights in the office

I am feeling lonely and that is OK No one will understand my words My words so empty and void Trying to put the assignment given to me Together Why? I do not know Just writing through the night Dreaming

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Fleeing into an empty street Filled with people I am alone with people I want results but I fear where I will end

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Night Life

The night is a truly quiet time in the city Only the distant sound of the occasional car can be heard. The silence is an opportunity to listen to the stories of other people in distant place. The radio suddenly

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Rhinoceros against virtues

I like to open my mind and forget all the virtues Just being inside the rhinoceros Watching all the people in the desert Driving by on their bicycles

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The fear of dreaming

At night I see myself in another light reality turns into a museum of nightmares Mixing memory and desire in rare and precious ways under the stars it is possible To sense life on the other planets related to us in

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I am looking for my friends I seek them here I seek them there I seek them everywhere But they are gone Maybee they did not exist Or lived in a parallel dimension So long time ago I stoped looking

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Revolution Returns Reactionary

Today 43 years ago in another country A revolution took place The young had gotten tired of war Tired of the old rule and wanted something new What  type of new they wanted That was not certain but something different And

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