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Fleeing into an empty street Filled with people I am alone with people I want results but I fear where I will end Advertisements

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Saturday Survival

The Saturday is close to the sad side of life Every reason, bad or good to quarrel is Being used Meeting all that anger, frustration and hate Made me leave “home” Reclaiming the peace of mind among strangers

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The art of saying no Is hard Being harsh Dominant, pushy moving around Saying no To other people But what remains after that? Just the empty void that needs to be filled A lot of time, to be used Searching

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Reaching land

Lost in what must be myself Again repeating the same Feelings and action As so many times before I want to have it my way Just not running around Like a rat in a cage I want to have control

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The hated house

Every day is the same People walking by outside Not taking notice of the hated house The owner want it gone, but the city wants it to stay since it been that way For more than hundred years So they

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Writing silent stories about life Observing, watching Never taking part All that time All those years Feeling Losing control Fighting back

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Sometimes we fail to realize what´s in  front of us It is only after years have past that we are able to see The crocked and ridicules in being ruled by other peoples Agenda and this not because we lack

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