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I do submit to my  lust And I do submit to Whom I happen To be at This very moment     That is all for tonight folks

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Tomorrow night

I need the courage I don´t have My limbs are numb And my mind all sleepy Still… Tomorrow will be The great day I walk out the door Into the great void Into the shimmering night The night is full

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I was never a fighter in a team Like my son My fight at that time had to do with Bad self confidence and the agony of learning I lost but I never gave in Still trying 35 years later

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Dream hard dreams

I have a dream or two Now and then Inside me burns A fire In this age That is so dire

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The art of dying and defying

The danger of staying is obvious Still I remain here stubborn as ever Defient as ever Me a lost old man Not in his body My mind is elsewhere far far into the future I know what happened I lived

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Change now! Change when? Change what? Change why? Cry to the sky! This is why, I am I !

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