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Subway mists

And here I am again An angry man yelling In the street Bothering everyone Passing time by acting Crazy, dirty and wretched Scaring children, women and some men Disturbing the so tranquil balance Between the conditions of being a town

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I do not see any meaning in this life I am just here watching Be used, enabler for other peoples dreams Thats what I am a vessel for genes They don´t care if I live or die I am just

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Losing yourself

I did not know that life could be so slow When I was young I did not understand that I was going to make my own nightmares come true I could feel it but I did not listen to myself

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It´s an uneven fight She has the money, friends and grit I have the depression, loneliness and sleepiness So I lose and she wins Good for her Bad for me I realize that I never again will feel free Trying

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War in the mind

Sometimes life is just miserable I am a prisoner of my own comfort There is no excuse Soon I will be gone And it will be ok Life is not worth that much Just a spark in the pan Then

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I am a lonely man And possible a loony As well Here I am in my room By myself Enjoying the solitude And lack of humans I need people, I need friends I just can´t stand them Guess that is

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I am so tired Tired to the bone The mind is aching For something To put it´s energy at I lost the inner presence Of a meaning Looking in the dark With a lot of questions Who am I What do

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