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Some days seems to have been forgotten by God and man This is one of those days Heavy grey clouds Playing with us Telling there is no hope Not for you or anyone We will stay forever Slowly freezing Your

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So while the days move slowly And the sun had it´s way crossing the sky I forgot Like the rest of us Why I live here I did not enjoy The purple morning Or the white daylight Nor did I

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Losing ground

Every time I try I come back To this point The place where I feel lost and helpless. Now I am her again In the suburb All around me ugly buildings No peace of mind only struggle within I do

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Off the track

What? and why? There are no Sensible answer To those questions You have your own Fantasy to stick to Whatever the reality Happens to be Sinking through The muddy waters Of illusions

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Losing ground

Feeling hopeless No light in the tunnel Repeating The same old story Telling myself that I am bad, Unworthy Not fit for this world And somehow This is all Wonderful I will rise agin After the fire From the ash

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The art of dying and defying

The danger of staying is obvious Still I remain here stubborn as ever Defient as ever Me a lost old man Not in his body My mind is elsewhere far far into the future I know what happened I lived

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I do not know howI only know thatI has to end In order to make ends meetit has to endEnd of story  But it seems so unreasonably hard

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