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Cover me

The night creates a black velvet cover around my battered mind I am really lost Going into overdrive In horror of being What I am And what I am not Ever and ever I keep on fighting With my mind,

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I did not know That the world Was such a lonely Place If I had known This I might Have opt For another Universe

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The rain has stopped falling  And the silence remains In power I did escape and run  And stopped writing … Just trying to feel Nothing

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Instead of dying I went to the dentist What a horror what a terror That was terrible I survived But it feels like I have been In a fight Her hands are so nice

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Monday too

Writing to find peace of mind Only finding anxiety and pain I did what I had to do Or not I do not know Just feeling frustration of existing In the wrong place and time

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And so

Life is pain Just pure pain and suffering But not always There is something in between Sometimes

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Writing away my anxiety Pretending that I have a choice Pretending that It is a free will Being possessed by spirits and memes From another era, it is not much I can do The problem is that it is only

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