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The Night

The night is so cold Even the cloud Has abandon us The stars, distant and cold Are not even Watching God is busy Somewhere else I want to give in I want to give up I am cold But I

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Running around Desperate There is no solution Just acting Soon another Day will rise

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Nights in the office

I am feeling lonely and that is OK No one will understand my words My words so empty and void Trying to put the assignment given to me Together Why? I do not know Just writing through the night Dreaming

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Wednesday morning

The street had the usual colors, gray, black tarmac and dirty brown plaster. The usual copy and paste buildings from the drawing board of long dead architects in art noveau  style. The strait pompous street was oversized made for parades,

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Cold and naked in the rain All these people watching Our shame, our frustration The spectator are not the hero of the day A perverted form of entertainment to see Other people being humiliated I do not want to be that

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