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Again and again

So now again I have to start Fighting I am prepare It is ok But so repetitative Advertisements

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I did not know That the world Was such a lonely Place If I had known This I might Have opt For another Universe

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Words of Scientific Language

Here I am with my self again Trying to write The word of science and illusion Nothing is good enough Nothing is good anymore But I keep on trying Through the night  

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Fleeing into an empty street Filled with people I am alone with people I want results but I fear where I will end

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No Way

No energy, no will It is Monday again No lust, no passion No work, No sun No time, no pain No gain, No way At least something

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Where are the roads to be taken? There are different answers But which they are I do not know Fear is effective and useful For those who want to control Other people’s mind But why all that control?

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Protecting myself from the feeling that everything is too late I lost so much time being trapped inside this bubble that is my shield Trying but it is too much I am losing Because of my own ambivalence

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