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I fly with my torned wings Underground Into the high-tech tunnel Other birds collide Flying into the walls Dying screaming But I keep on The tunnel gets smaller It is going deeper We are quiet Each one Into his own

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The wall

  Fighting the lonely battle Again and again Why is life so filled With repetition Why can I not change I am trying Again and again Banging my head into the wall

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Here I am again After so many Years Like I have not Learned a thing Have not earned Any Wisdom Still I drive into that wall again With stubborn mind Like it is the main purpose of my life Which might

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Sunday in the land of the rich

All my life has been filled with fear Deep fear And this deep terror Controlled me For a very long time But time passes And fear is created in those moment Of our life when we are small and weak

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So while the days move slowly And the sun had it´s way crossing the sky I forgot Like the rest of us Why I live here I did not enjoy The purple morning Or the white daylight Nor did I

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Losing ground

Every time I try I come back To this point The place where I feel lost and helpless. Now I am her again In the suburb All around me ugly buildings No peace of mind only struggle within I do

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Tomorrow night

I need the courage I don´t have My limbs are numb And my mind all sleepy Still… Tomorrow will be The great day I walk out the door Into the great void Into the shimmering night The night is full

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