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Subway mists

And here I am again An angry man yelling In the street Bothering everyone Passing time by acting Crazy, dirty and wretched Scaring children, women and some men Disturbing the so tranquil balance Between the conditions of being a town

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Again and again

So now again I have to start Fighting I am prepare It is ok But so repetitative

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Nights in the office

I am feeling lonely and that is OK No one will understand my words My words so empty and void Trying to put the assignment given to me Together Why? I do not know Just writing through the night Dreaming

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No Way

No energy, no will It is Monday again No lust, no passion No work, No sun No time, no pain No gain, No way At least something

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Growing up

I grow up fearing everyone My father did see my mother and her family inside me Sometimes beating me, sometimes telling how wrong and clumsy I was My mother hated all male on earth My grandmother thought everyone around her

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Time is just an abstract thing But doors are not They there to stop you To control the temperature and life Limit the limitless Put a border between them and us This is the door to hell And that is

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I am a lonely man And possible a loony As well Here I am in my room By myself Enjoying the solitude And lack of humans I need people, I need friends I just canĀ“t stand them Guess that is

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