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The tower power

The darkness inside me The darkness inside you Still there I can see that the difference is you act out I act inside myself   Advertisements

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Sleeping and sleeping I feel empty inside All the rage is gone Watching my self From a future position Rainbows abound  

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Wednesday morning

The street had the usual colors, gray, black tarmac and dirty brown plaster. The usual copy and paste buildings from the drawing board of long dead architects in art noveau  style. The strait pompous street was oversized made for parades,

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White light

Burning far, far away from Burning man It is cold here, the snow is still here I do not expect any summer soon But the light has returned Changing the perception of land and water

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I do not see any meaning in this life I am just here watching Be used, enabler for other peoples dreams Thats what I am a vessel for genes They don´t care if I live or die I am just

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You, Yours and mind

Your hope is not my hope Your dream is not my dream And your rope is not my rope I want to dance the whole night I want to live and feel But in my way Belive me and be

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Losing yourself

I did not know that life could be so slow When I was young I did not understand that I was going to make my own nightmares come true I could feel it but I did not listen to myself

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