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Lost in space

The pain is following me I do not fear the pain I am so used to it I do not know why I am lost Lost in the past Lost in the present Lost in the future Leaving it all

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I have hard to stand on my feet The ground shakes I try to focus And she is talking about the neighbours their plans and projects I threw up in the zink She doesn’t notice Complaining eternally About me not

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Cascading failure

The energy builds up I start to do things I do to much The energy is gone I fail again and again Back to the pit I start climb up Again  

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The grey is even more present today I do not see any hope Trying to keep me awake Which is not easy To many things On my mind And no sleep This place makes me crazy So much pain and

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Eulogy to Wasted Years

I do not see the meaning of fighting anymore. Why did I waste all this time For something So crazy No Now It is all To late to Change my life And I do not want To do it all

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Some days seems to have been forgotten by God and man This is one of those days Heavy grey clouds Playing with us Telling there is no hope Not for you or anyone We will stay forever Slowly freezing Your

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Now it starts all over again The spring is short In this part of the world A sudden change A little less snow At night the winter Returns, killing Most of the greenery Every year What have learn From all our

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