Subway mists

And here I am again

An angry man yelling

In the street

Bothering everyone

Passing time by acting

Crazy, dirty and wretched

Scaring children, women and some men

Disturbing the so tranquil balance

Between the conditions of being a town dweller

And just a disturbed frustrated man in a to big flock

Pretending to be living an advanced life in the city of trivial

Dreams impossible to comprehend or ever achieve

But still a city with its much wider but still limited

Freedoms dating back to the free republics of

The white sea in the far south

Long gone Socrates also learned to know its

In fact very strict limitations

Drinking bad wine and talking to much

Day and night

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Lost at sea

On Sunday

The sun shines

But this does not save us

We are still lost

Even though the captain

Know where we

are going

Not needing the stars

For navigation

But wise advise

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Forgetting myself

I am on a boat

lost somewhere

between east and west

drinking heavily

so I do not

need to remember

who I am


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Gray sky

Just working

Feeling lost there is no meaning but

I still hope for the best

The sky is gray

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Again and again

So now again

I have to start


I am prepare

It is ok

But so repetitative

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The Night

The night is so cold

Even the cloud

Has abandon us

The stars, distant and cold

Are not even


God is busy

Somewhere else

I want to give in

I want to give up

I am cold

But I am

Still standing

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