Always going on and on

I cannot change anything

Just floating

In that river


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Instead of dying

I went to the dentist

What a horror

what a terror

That was terrible

I survived

But it feels like

I have been

In a fight

Her hands

are so nice

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Fleeing into an empty street

Filled with people

I am alone with people

I want results but

I fear where I will end

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No Way

No energy, no will

It is Monday again

No lust, no passion

No work, No sun

No time, no pain

No gain, No way

At least something

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Monday too

Writing to find peace of mind

Only finding anxiety and pain

I did what I had to do

Or not

I do not know

Just feeling frustration of existing

In the wrong place and time

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Escaping into the night

I do not need to know

In order to feel the panic growing

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The trap

Life is a trap

That we all have fallen into

Like wild animals

We are thinking

What to do about it

And the conclusion

Is go deeper and

You will find more

In that maze

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